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The board of directors of Hamian Darman Tehran Co with more than a quarter of century experiences in field of Biomedical Engineering had established this company in 1999 to provide a gold standard, after sales services for variety of medical equipment and instruments in Cardiology and Obstetric / Gynecology specialties for the Private and public hospitals, Medical centers and clinics nationwide.

After a consistent and successful providing of those services, the idea of design and production of a Fetal Heart Doppler had taken the top priority of our company, which was due to our knowledge of demandsof medical market and great deal of confidence on our technical abilities. Therefore we had managed to produce this product with a high level of elegancy in design and Medical application for about a decade.

In parallel with our after sale services and production line to accomplish the self sufficiency and job creation, we had also made a successful attempt to import a high quality and standard devices in Cardiology and Obstetric / Gynecology field from well reputable international manufacturers exclusively with an official licenses that are issued by honorable departments of Ministry of Health for last five years.

The researchers of our R&D department in our offices in Iran, UK and Canada are constantly searching to accomplish an abundant and long lasting task to make an ultimate achievement in line with improvement of welfare of people of Islamic republic of Iran with deployment of latest technologies in Medical equipment sciences.As the result of these researches, we are delighted to announce that HamianDarman Tehran Co was the first and only company to import the first Computerized Breast Cancer Early Mapping system to Iran and present it to the Medical Societies during the International OB/GYN Congress in November 2011.

This device is deployed a new technology that has been developed and used in Medical devices technology in most advance countries in recent years.

HamianDarman Tehran Co has new projects to set up a new assembly and production lines of imported Medical Devices and applied parts for variety of Cardiac and OB/GYN devices in line with company’s policies to achieve the Self Sufficiency and job creation goals with relying to Grace of all Mighty God and expertise of hard working researchers and Honest members of staff.

With the best wishes for the Pride of Islamic Iran.

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